GUS Grappling Dummy

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GUS is the partner that never tires of Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling and MMA. Drill Gi or No-Gi and practice throws without risk of partner injury.

1. Throws: GUS is carefully weighted and balanced to human-like proportions to realistically drill
hip throws, arm throws, body locks and sweeps.
2. Takedowns: Stands upright to take endless single or double leg takedowns, arm drags, trips, leg
sweeps and ankle picks
3. Grappling: transition drills in guard, side control, knee on belly. Practice triangles, arm bars, x-guard, de la Riva Guard, chokes and sweeps.
4. Gi or No-Gi. GUS wears size A3 Jiu Jitsu Gi. The Gameness Pearl Gi is his favorite.
5. Height: 59”, Approximate weight: 47lbs.

Age: All Ages, Adult, and Youth
Bag Type: Grappling Dummies
Bag Weight: > 25lbs
Height: > 55in.
Product Line: Gameness
Martial Arts Style: Jiu Jitsu
Material: Vinyl