Gameness 3D Logo Hat

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BJJ isn’t just a part of your life. It’s a way of life. Through  hard work and grit, you build humility and confidence at the same time.  From the first time you got tapped by a blue belt half your size to  your first new belt of your own, you learned what control really is and  how to take it for yourself. And more importantly, you’ve seen how it  plays out in the rest of your life. Not just on the mat, but everywhere.  When you train… well, you know the motto: TRAIN FOR LIFE. And Gameness has been with you every step of the way. Sport your Gameness style,  represent that mentality, and look good doing it. Like that perfect  armbar or triangle, nothing beats a clean cap with a simple,  straightforward embroidered logo.

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Grey / Black
Grey / Red