Gameness Men's Vale Tudo Short

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The best gear for your best work. Leave it all on the mat.
Badass gear that fits well, looks good, and does its job. Could just leave it at that.
But let’s get into it.
Gameness shorts and spats are tough. They handle the stress of real movement and real work; they don’t rip or pull loose when the rolling starts. More than that, they hold it together and are actually comfortable.
The highlight: expert construction has the drawstring in one flat piece and the wide waistband without extraneous layers. Why? Minimal layers mean it won’t do any annoying rollover (even mid-training, and it’s easy to wear—comfort, no chafing, seamless feel. ‘Nuff said.
And, above all, they’re descended in the USA and approved by real athletes.
That’s it.
Suit up and get to work.