Gameness Men's Air Pro Gi 3.0

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No one is born ready for competition. It’s a right you earned, paid for with blood and sweat and hours. Not everyone gets there. Not everyone can.

But you did. And for you, and the rare others like you, we made the Air Pro 3.0.

While you trained, our designers and engineers were at work. Your skill shows on the mat; theirs in the product. Nano pearl weave fabric to cut down extra grams at weigh-in. Minimal shrinkage (less that 1%) with washes for a perfect fit each wear. Reinforced taping at the sleeve and pant leg cuffs, with the motto you and Gameness share: Train for Life.

Compete with confidence. Reinforced stitching locks down crucial stress points on the jacket (90% cotton, 10% poly blend; 380 GSM weight) and pants (55% cotton, 45% poly blend; 270 GSM weight). A ripstop lapel holds an inner layer of rubber EVA sheet, so your opponents have a harder time sinking in a grip.

Eliminate the excess. A Zero Fray, flat-lay drawstring doesn’t form a bulky knot when tied, and the unique enclosed casing prevents it from catching.

The Air Pro 3.0 is IBJJF competition compliant. We’ll see you there.


Age: Adult
Gender: Men
Product Line: Gameness
Martial Arts Style: Jiu Jitsu
Uniform Material: Cotton/Polyester Blend
Uniform Style: Traditional
Uniform Type: Complete Uniform
Uniform Weight: Lightweight