Versys V.SPAR.2

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The VS.2 is the first fight simulator that allows for nearly every grappling technique
 imaginable, including takedowns. Both the VS.2 and the smaller Youth V.Spar.2 feature
 tripod legs and a soft, weighted core than holds up to being slammed and tackled.
 Flexible arms simulate those of a human opponent. Great for practicing judo or Brazilian

 • Realistically practice grappling moves ranging from takedowns and throws, to leg sweeps and arm drags
 • Throw hand, elbow, knee, and foot combinations to upper, middle, and lower body, as well as
 performing underhooks, level changes, and ground and pound
 • Designed with a soft core, flexible arms, and a patented three-leg construction that is strategically
 weighted to stand upright and rebound to original position
 • Perfect tool for conditioning and training drills, combinations, ground work and other maneuvers
 • Lighter than traditional grappling bags, making it easy to assemble, move, and store after training